About Doorstep – Doorstep Homeless Families Project

Doorstep Homeless Families Project

London, United Kingdom

Opening Doors for Homeless Families
Our History

Founded in 1982 as the Adelaide Road Homeless Families Project to help 28 local families, Doorstep was renamed in 1989 when it moved to its present location in the basement of one of Camden’s largest hostels for homeless families. The name Doorstep was chosen to reflect the project’s accessibility to families living in temporary accommodation in the area.

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Family Homelessness
When we hear the word homeless we think of someone living on the street. The families we work with have shelter but living conditions are difficult. A single mother with a child living and sleeping in one room which includes cooking facilities. A child with as little as 6 feet by four feet of floor space to play. A large family of two parents and four children living in one room with cooking facilities and a second room in which all of them sleep, with all their beds lined up and no space between. Some of the families with two rooms have a communal corridor running between the rooms. There is very little space and very little privacy. The families are living on extremely low incomes, often isolated, cut off from family and support networks. They may have fled violence and expereienced trauma. Children’s education is disrupted and parent’s feel their lives are on hold.

Doorstep Today
Situated in the Abbots and Levine Hostel, Doorstep serves the 45 families accomodated immediately above, as well as those living in other temporary accomodation in North Camden, including refuges and those with no recourse to public funds.

Families attending Doorstep are homeless for variety of reasons, incuding: family circumstances, illness, loss of employment, domestic violence, racial harassment, financial difficulties, and refugees. Doorstep aims to assist these families by providing goods and services to make their lives more comfortable as they await a permanent housing solution.
We provide space and resources for children to play, learn, develop and to help them reach their potential. Through the activities and services we provide we aim to create a community of growth, healing and a sense of belonging that enables children and families to gain strength and confidence as they engage in society and press forward with their future.

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