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Doorstep Homeless Families Project

London, United Kingdom


From April 2014 we lost 100% of the core funding we previously received from Camden Council,for more than 20 years, due to the huge savings they have to make.
So this is it! We have to raise every penny we need in order to keep going.We have survived the first year of total financial independence thanks to the support we have received.One of our funders last year gave the following feedback to an application:
“The project was received positively by the Land Securities Panel and they were particularly impressed with what the organisation has achieved so far considering the huge funding cuts incurred. The Panel saw many possibilities to work together in the future and also recognised that such a project addresses real need by working with very vulnerable families”.
Although, we have had considerable success with funding applications, raising money is getting tougher. We are surviving year by year but still need to achieve longer term security and to increase the staff resources. It’s rather like finding the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to complete the picture of Doorstep, now and for the future.
Please don’t let Doorstep go to the wall. Please donate-no matter how small your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please help us to keep helping families who really need our support. Please see our News & Events Page for a new Fundraising Iniative running from July 7th-28th that you could help with
Sincere thanks!
Twitter page https://twitter.com/doorstep_london
Here is the Facebook page

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Guardian article about a similar hostel in nearby Englands Lane describing how people end up in these situations (and what is required to get out)

Registred Charity Number 1007692 Company Limited by Guarantee 2476922

Registered Charity No. 1007692


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